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life Is A Jurney

Today there are fewer people believing in God and interestingly more believing that there is life after death. This is with the idea that there are fewer that believe in a personal God while more believe in a yet unknown higher power. The realm of existence that supports this idea, whether it’s a personal God or the broad brush of a higher power, that realm must have an environment. The outdated beliefs that one sits on a cloud playing a harp, or that the streets are paved with gold and there is blissful music playing in the background paints a pretty boring picture in which to spend an eternity. My research into the other side has revealed a realm of non-physical existence in great detail. This data is partly based on experiences from people that have been there in a near death experience and many other sources such as those presented by some of the most renowned physicists to compile a rich set of circumstances that paint a diverse environment. From a lifetime of inquisitive reading gleaned from physics books, metaphysical writings and evidence of UFO’s, which I have personally seen, I’ve concluded that other side, the side that’s no longer physical is comprised of life on many levels of existence. Having had numerous non-physical experiences, I’ve come to accept that life in the Universe comprises entities that are physical, like us, to partially physical life, to life that projects into the ultimate source comprised of pure love. In essence, life is a continuous journey.

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