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Two great books for the perpetually curious.

As I was doing research for my new book, Heaven, I read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton and Vistas of Infinity by Jurgen Ziewe.

What interested me about Journey of Souls was that in my early 20's, I used to hypnotize people and bring them to a past life where they told some very interesting stories. At that time, I was not a believer in that what I was doing was actually getting people to recount past lives. I thought that since I was sending them back in time, that they had no choice but to make something up to satisfy my suggestion.

After studying reincarnation from works such as researcher Ian Stevenson, several accounts of extraordinary children who remembered verifiable accounts of past lives and the case that started the general public scratching their heads, the case of Bridey Murphey, I've come to believe that reincarnation is a viably real phenomenon. Dr. Newton outlines not only cases of reincarnation, but some extraordinary journeys in a realm that exists between lives.

Interest in Jurgen Ziewe's excursions into the astral realms intrigued me since I had been out of my body three times and briefly visited the astral plane once when I was toying with tatwa symbols, supposed to be portals to different aspects of the astral environment. Jurgen's journeys support the concepts in my new book, Heaven, where the other side comprises a dynamic and often unpredictable realm of thought.

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